Everybody Has A Plan Until…

I don’t consider Mike Tyson to be a positive role model by any stretch of the imagination. However, he said something in an interview one time that really stuck with me.

During an interview before one of his boxing matches the reporters were asking him how he was going to deal with his opponent. The reporters were discussing his opponent’s strategy, style, how he was going to move, etc. Then they asked Mike Tyson what he thought.

Iron Mike responded with this profound statement:

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Life Changing Experiences on the Ranch

Spring is an awesome time on a ranch. It’s a time when baby animals are being born, fields are beginning to green up, trees are blossoming, the weather is warming up, and life feels like a fresh start.

That’s how things are right now at KW Legacy Ranch. Spring has arrived and it’s been great.

Our students are enjoying the warming of the weather. They have participated in many projects recently including building shelters for the animals, putting up an entire new fence for the pasture, preparing the fields for irrigation and planting, and taking the cattle back to the range.

Let me tell you about two experiences we had recently…

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